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New Employees

We wanted to make you aware of some recent changes to our staff at Dr. Chris' Natural Remedies. We're pleased to announce that we have added some new faces to the team, each of them has already contributed to improvements in service and care here at the office.

Rene has experience in doctors offices, having managed an office with four doctors in the past. She brings a steadiness to the office with her professional and compassionate demeanor. Rene is a great addition to our team, and we're looking forward to seeing her grow here.

Dr. Legend is a gifted healer and brings his high energy and youthful spirit with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has great hands and is able to locate the areas of discomfort with ease and facility. He's also very knowledgeable with other modalities Therapeutic Activities so if you're looking for some extra help with any chronic health problems or pain, he's a great person to turn to!

Cherice brings her organizational skills with her from her previous employment as an administrator of a special needs school for more than a decade. She understands the needs of privacy and individual care. We are lucky to have her on our team.

Patient Appreciation Day

Thank you so much for being a part of our family this year and celebrating with us. We are grateful for your support and we had such a wonderful time this year at our annual Celebration!

We raised money for Mission Life Georgia, our non-profit organization that supports the Birthing Center in Haiti, brings Chiropractic to the underserved in Jamaica, and supports the Georgian Special Olympics community. We were able to donate all of the proceeds from the event to Mission Life Georgia!

Thank you again for being part of our family.


ZYTO - Proven Technology, New Application, Exclusive Bio Survey!

In fact, Dr. Powell has also observed that the ZYTO scan, which is a non-invasive test, has risen in popularity and practice over the last several years. Because this technology can give you vital information about your body through a simple scan of your palm, many healthcare providers are turning to this option as a way of learning the ailments of their patients without having to put them through extensive testing and bloodwork.

I want to introduce you to our new service, which will help you save time and money related to diagnosing problems with the musculoskeletal system. You'll save $150 on your purchase during our introductory period - we repeat the scan every 4 months for one year so that you can monitor your progress at no additional expense.

The initial scan takes only minutes and provides valuable insights into where you should be focusing your attention. It’s a great way to see what’s working, what isn't, and what needs to change!

Cover Story

Just wanted to say thank you for the article in the Our Town Magazine. Kristen and the team did a great job. You can pick up a copy at our office or any of the many locations around town if you don't get it mailed to your home.

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Chiropractors of Dr. Chris' Natural Remedies

The Chiropractors of Dr. Chris' Natural Remedies.

 Up Close with Dr. Chris’ Natural Remedies

Finding Wellness with Dr. Chris’ Natural Remedies

Kristen Eleveld

We can all relate to the discomfort we have when something just feels off in our bodies. Maybe you are suffering from an injury that won’t seem to heal, or maybe you keep getting headaches you can’t explain. Whatever you’re dealing with, you can look to the team at Dr. Chris’ Natural Remedies in Snellville to help you not only find medical care, but experience true healing and wellness. 

“We’ve come to understand that most of the ailments and chronic diseases that plague people’s health are due to an imbalance in the body,” said Dr. Kerith Powell, who is part of the team at Dr. Chris’ Natural Remedies. “You deserve to be treated by a doctor who sees your pain as a sign that something is wrong and not just an inconvenience.”

While chiropractors are traditionally associated with treating pain in the neck and back, Dr. Powell and the other team members are committed to treating more than just your pain. They take a holistic approach that doesn’t just include your symptoms; they also work with you to understand your lifestyle and nutrition so they can give you the best next steps for better healing. 

In order to offer their patients the very best care for total body healing, Dr. Powell and his colleagues make use of both ancient and modern means to provide the treatment that each patient needs. This approach means that each person is viewed as an individual and not just one of many people to pass through the office each day. The treatment plan for patients will often include elements like examining their diet and exercise, water intake levels, and sleep. Once the chiropractor understands more about the patient, they can employ healing methods like Reiki, Chinese Medicine, Iridology, Nutrition Response Testing, chiropractic, therapeutic activities, cryotherapy, custom orthotics, Vibe Plate, NES and ZYTO.

In fact, Dr. Powell has also observed that the ZYTO scan, which is a non-invasive test, has risen in popularity and practice over the last several years. Because this technology can give you vital information about your body through a simple scan of your palm, many healthcare providers are turning to this option as a way of learning the ailments of their patients without having to put them through extensive testing and bloodwork. 

“The human body is one of the most complex and fascinating things in the universe,” said Dr. Powell. “We love researching it, healing it, and finding new ways to improve it.”

The providers at Dr. Chris’ Natural Remedies are so committed to increasing their knowledge of healing and wellness that they created their own ZYTO biosurvey, which means their patients can take advantage of the technology available without having to seek out additional care. 

The level of care rises still further at this practice as they have worked to provide a wide variety of wellness options for their patients. Services like their iridology assessment and cold laser treatment provide critical insights and care for those in need without resorting to measures like surgery or powerful medication. They even provides basic wellness checks to aid you in staying on top of your personal health. These holistic approaches also give patients the chance to learn more about how their body moves and works, which can be used to facilitate better healthy practices moving forward. 

If you want to set up a time to speak with one of the amazing providers like Dr. Powell, the process is easy – just give the office a call at 770-979-5125 or go online to fill out a request for an appointment. Whatever ails you, the odds are pretty good that Dr. Powell and the rest of the team can help. 

Dr. Chris’ Natural Remedies is also helping people from outside the office through their community outreach. They have been proud supporters of South Gwinnett High School, Snellville Days, Grayson Days, and Snellville Tourism and Trade and are also excited to be expanding their reach to serve the community through Mission Life Georgia, a non-profit created by the office team. It will come as no surprise that the practice was named the Business of the Year by the Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce in 2021.

“We treat each person as an individual and take the time to listen to your needs,” said Dr. Powell. “Our approach allows patients to ask better questions to the right people and make choices that move them forward in living the healthy life that we all aspire to lead.”

More information: drchrisnaturalremedies.com, 770-979-5125

Med Fest Event

Med Fest is an event that provides Special Olympic athletes with medical screenings. This was held on July 15th at the Special Olympics Georgia, Norcross office, athletes received health and vision screenings, participated in crafts, participated in soccer skills training, and enjoyed lunch. For more information contact Jenna Osenbaugh at Jenna.Osenbaugh@SpecialOlympicsGa.org or by calling (770) 414-9390 ext. 1105.


Customer Appreciation Day

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